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Welcome to Year 2

October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome back to Year 2 of No-Buy-November!

It sure has been a great year for me… I moved, found a new job, and got engaged! And I am more committed than ever to curbing consumerism.

This year we are going to do it again: spend a whole month focused on the things that are really important in life, instead of on buying new stuff. For one whole month, we are going to make a difference!

Since it has been a whole 11 months since the last time anyone (even me) thought about this challenege, here is a refresher on the rules!

No buying any new manufactured products for the whole month of November.

What you can buy:

  • Used items: buying used keeps the thing you buy out of the landfill, and saves you money!
  • Food and other consumables: you can totally buy toilet paper.
  • Packaging for the consumables: but try to keep it to a minimum! Buy in bulk when you can!
  • Locally made products: but you actually have to know the person who made it!
  • Services are fine: haircuts, massages, and mini-golf are great replacements for buying new junk!

Thanks for joining me in this challenge. I hope that this month we can take the time to consider the real cost of the things we buy, and I hope that we can spend our time and energy on more worthwile and fulfilling things, like spending time with friends and family, getting to know our neighbors, and getting to know ourselves.

I hope that it will be a great month for all of us!

Welcome to No-Buy-November!

November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to No-Buy-November!

We have our very own website, isn’t it exciting?

No-Buy-November started this year as a simple Facebook event, a challenge to buy no newly manufactured products for the entire month of November. This year, more than 50 people have taken the challenge, and we hope that more will join us.

Take a look around the website, where we will be posting helpful, inspirational, or at least interesting links and articles, all about reducing consumption. And feel free to join the conversation!