One of the biggest problems in our world is that we buy TOO MUCH STUFF. It damages our environment to produce all that stuff. Our entire country is in debt to borrow the money to pay for all that stuff. We go to war to make sure we can still get the stuff to make all that stuff. And then we buy new stuff to replace our old stuff, and throw that stuff in the trash, where it just sits in piles forever.

It’s hard, in our society, to completely stop buying stuff. But we buy way, way too much. In order to show that we really can stop buying so much, and that it is totally possible to live with much less consumption, we are calling this November “No-Buy November”. Join us in swearing off new stuff!

The challenge: It’s simple. For the entire month of November, buy no newly manufactured products.

THE RULES:  No buying NEW manufactured products during the month of November.

Not Included:

  • Consumables are not included, such as Food (including packaging), Toilet Paper, etc. But in the spirit of NBN, it’s great to be a minimalist here too.
  • Also not included are things that are “manufactured” locally, by someone you know (you have to have actually met them!!).
  • Used items are not included. Buying used keeps those things out of the dump!
  • And finally, any service (hair cuts, massages, etc.) are not included.

Join us, and take the No-Buy November challenge! And help, for one month, to combat our rampant consumerism!

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