How to Have a No-Buy-Holiday

November 7, 2011 in Useful

With the holidays coming up, it may seem like a special challenge to get through No-Buy-November without buying any new manufactured presents. After all, buying expensive presents for each other is how we show affection in western cultures, right?

The truth is, presents are actually a pretty poor way of showing how you care. And here’s some science to back that up!

So here are some ideas for alternatives to the traditional holiday present exchange:

  • Give a gift of personal service – a IOU for a few foot-massages, or 3 “I’ll cook dinner tonight” passes, or even a punch card for 100 free hugs
  • Give a trip to a spa, or a free professional massage
  • Give something you made yourself…it will be much more meaningful, and probably better than anything you could buy
  • Have a gift exchange, or clothing swap party – Here’s a great article on how to hold a good swap party
These are just a very, very few ideas…please share any ideas you have!