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How to Have a No-Buy-Holiday

November 7, 2011 in Useful

With the holidays coming up, it may seem like a special challenge to get through No-Buy-November without buying any new manufactured presents. After all, buying expensive presents for each other is how we show affection in western cultures, right?

The truth is, presents are actually a pretty poor way of showing how you care. And here’s some science to back that up!

So here are some ideas for alternatives to the traditional holiday present exchange:

  • Give a gift of personal service – a IOU for a few foot-massages, or 3 “I’ll cook dinner tonight” passes, or even a punch card for 100 free hugs
  • Give a trip to a spa, or a free professional massage
  • Give something you made yourself…it will be much more meaningful, and probably better than anything you could buy
  • Have a gift exchange, or clothing swap party – Here’s a great article on how to hold a good swap party
These are just a very, very few ideas…please share any ideas you have!


November 7, 2011 in Useful

Freecycle is a great tool for getting in touch with a community of people who like to give things away for free!

Have something you don’t want anymore? Well, rather than throw it away, you can list it on this website, and someone else can get some use out of it.

And of course it goes the other way too; if you need something, rather than just going out and buying it, check Freecycle first. Maybe someone is giving away for free exactly what you need!

The Story of Stuff

November 4, 2011 in Inspirational

This cute, inspirational video was my first real introduction to the idea that our consumption has real consequences for the world. It took a while for me to make the leap from the idea that too much stuff is bad to the idea that I am actually buying too much stuff, but this was where it all started.

Here is a link to the original video on Youtube, in case the embedded video does not work for you.

Also, check out the website, for more inspirational videos and information.

Welcome to No-Buy-November!

November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to No-Buy-November!

We have our very own website, isn’t it exciting?

No-Buy-November started this year as a simple Facebook event, a challenge to buy no newly manufactured products for the entire month of November. This year, more than 50 people have taken the challenge, and we hope that more will join us.

Take a look around the website, where we will be posting helpful, inspirational, or at least interesting links and articles, all about reducing consumption. And feel free to join the conversation!